5 Things I've Learned About Ethical & Sustainable Fashion in the Past Year

Lessons on Ethical Fashion Over the Last Year

In the past year as designer of Discourse, I've learned a lot about ethical fashion and what it takes to make a brand a sustainable fashion brand. Here are 5 things I've learned about ethical fashion and how to be more eco-friendly in the past year. 

  1. Ethically transparent clothes are hard to come by, even in the ethical clothing arena. Through a lot of research, I've come across brands like Everlane that make it much easier to know who is making their clothing. 
  2. As a designer of an ethical brand, I still struggle to find other brands to shop from that doesn't look drab. As an industry we need to make buying ethical clothing irresistible 
  3. Creativity in ethical and sustainable fashion is so important. If you want people to buy ethical clothing instead of fast fashion, the styles need to be worth while. 
  4. Color is hard to come by. Sustainable fabric is often times woven into boring, ugly colors but with new fabrics that are dyed from plants and food, we've solved this problem. Other brands like Everlane need to use more vibrant colors in sustainable fabrics to stay current. 
  5. Seasonless clothing doesn't need to be mean boring. Quality clothing that can be worn for years is what makes styles seasonless. Don't shy away from "cool" when creating an ethical wardrobe.