How to Unshrink A Wool Sweater

woman covering eyes in sweater

The temperature has dropped well below 50 degrees which means it's officially sweater season. Wearing wool sweaters also means you have a lot more laundry to do that is time constraining and maybe you looked the other way when throwing a sweater in the dryer. Whether it was an innocent mistake or out of laziness (we've all been there), don't fear, I'm here to tell you that you can unshrink that sweater! 

Here are 5 easy steps to get that sweater wearable again. 

1. Check the fabric content:

Unshrinking a sweater can only be down with natural fabrics such as wool. From experience, a small amount of synthetic fabric is OK. (I unshrunk a 98% merino wool and 2% nylon sweater.) 

2. Soak: 

Fill the sink with lukewarm water and 1-2 tablespoons hair conditioner or baby shampoo. Submerge your sweater in the water and swish around to get the conditioner in the fibers. 

3. Gently Remove Water:

Drain the water from the sink and very gently remove excess water from the sweater but be sure to not ring or twist the sweater. Do not rinse the sweater out! 

4. Grab a towel:

Lay out a large towel flat and put the sweater on top. Gently roll up the towel to get out any extra amount of water.

5. Stretch Sweater:

Being very gentle, lay sweater flat and stretch the sweater back into its desired shape. Lay out to air dry on a drying rack or board. Re-stretch the fabric every 30 minutes until your sweater is back to normal! 

If your sweater doesn't stretch out all, the fabric may have felted and unfortunately won't stretch out again. Feel free to do this process multiple times if needed.