How to Wear Wide Leg Pants - Spring 2019

Make way for the newest trend in pants this spring - but just how do you wear wide leg pants? The ankle pant of yore is giving way to the high waisted trouser. The wide leg pant is a more relaxed fit through the thighs, and our Nova trouser is the perfect example of the wide leg trouser. With bold stripes, textured fabric, and a flattering high waist fit, you'll want to wear them all year long.
Wide leg trouser

1. High Waisted Pants are Meant for Tucked-in Tops

Especially when the wide leg trouser is high-waisted, wearing a more basic top like a t-shirt tucked in to the pant is really flattering and allows the pant to be front and center. 

2. Shoes are Everything With High Waisted Trousers

Don't be afraid to pair your high-waisted trousers with a tennis shoe or simple slipper for a more casual look. Want to wear a heeled bootie in a bright color? Go for it! In our opinion though, wide leg trousers look especially great with a pointy-toed shoe to contrasts silhouettes. 

3. Not Just for Work Anymore

The wide leg pant is no longer just for work. Go bold on the weekends with a trendier outfit of bright colors and modern silhouettes. We recommend a silky camisole with pointed flats. 
Wide leg pant