What to Pack for Three Days in Paris

Discourse Fashions New York City Three Days In Paris Style Guide
Paris - it's the fashion capital of the world. Paris is a vibrant, beautiful city with impeccably dressed inhabitants. Naturally, I couldn't wait to spend three days in a city that has inspired so many of Discourse's pieces. As a designer, it's impossible not to look towards Europe for style inspiration. Europeans embrace minimalism and subtlety, and emphasize fit, quality, and fabric...sound familiar?
Versailles Jewels
3 Days in Paris
If there's one thing you should know about my travels, it's that I pack light. It makes getting up and going at a moment's notice a breeze, and it brings the added benefit of no checked baggage fees. It's a cathartic experience to distill my wardrobe down into a three day journey. As a no-fuss traveler, fitting into one carry on is easy and hassle-free with my simple travel formula that I live by: two pairs of shoes, some minimalistic jewelry, one purse, and one jacket. After that, I have plenty of space to pack 1-2 outfits a day. 
Discourse Ellie Stripe in Bag
Day 1:
The Ellie dress in its striped colorway was a must for our first day in Paris. Worn with my booties at night and tennis shoes during the day, it carried me from day to night, museum tours to dinner without needing to change.
Discourse Ellie Stripe with booties
Day 2: 
Paris got cold and I was not expecting it - New York was still in the 60s. Thankfully, I always pack the Olivia sweater on my travels this time of year. Worn under my staple black leather jacket, I was warm and cozy all day. We toured Versailles and went to dinner right after without even thinking about changing. I love to wear the Olivia's red colorway with high waisted skinny jeans and flats for an easy-to-wear and put together look that's stylish and effortless.
Discourse Red Olivia with Leather Jacket and Jeans
Day 3:
It's showtime! On the third day in Paris we were presenting our fall collection as part of Paris Fashion Week. These days are exhausting and often times I'm on my feet for 8+ hours steaming, dressing models, and mingling with the crowd afterwards. I always wear a black turtleneck for events like this. With jeans, my trusty sneakers, and our Sophia bodysuit in black, I had a sleek but comfortable look. Since the Sophia is a bodysuit, I don't have to worry about it bunching up at my waistline and it has snaps for easy bathroom breaks! In the evening we were treating ourselves to a nice dinner, so after going back to our Airbnb I threw on the Caroline dress over the bodysuit, added tights, and grabbed my booties for a perfectly curated dinner look in minimal time.
Discourse Caroline and Sophia with purse
With so many different staple pieces in the fall collection, I always feel comfortable packing my favorite Discourse pieces to look polished and composed. Minimal dress doesn't have to mean plain dress.
Discourse Ellie Stripe in Paris