Sustainable Fabric Spotlight: Banshu-Ori Cotton

100% Organic Cotton Fabric: Banshu-Ori Cotton Spotlight

Fabric curation is one of the most difficult aspects of designing a collection. The process includes vetting countless partners and painstakingly touching thousands of swatches. It's why fast fashion uses fabrics that are low quality, boring, itchy, and well - cheap. Through our rigorous research process we've found partners in Japan that have luxurious fabrics that are not only  beautiful and soft, but different than the millions of fabric styles used by fast fashion. We're here to answer all of your questions about the meticulous process and the reasons why we choose our fabrics. 

Banshu-Ori Cotton

Our woven stripe fabric is 100% piqué cotton dyed using an ancient Japanese dying method called Banshu-ori. Piqué is a weaving style that traditionally uses cotton yarn and is characterized by geometric patterns in the cords on the fabric. The fabric has parallel cording running throughout, and the gray stripes have a geometric pattern visible to the naked eye that accentuates the symmetry of the garments. Banshu dying is a delicate process used for luxury fabrics that begins by dyeing the yarn before weaving. By dyeing the yarn individually instead of the entire garment at once, the dye penetrates deeper and stays much longer. Fast fashion fabrics are piece-dyed, which is why they fade rapidly compared to ours. You won't be tossing these clothes after a single season.

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Sustainable Cotton, Sustainable Fabrics

Our 100% piqué cotton fabric is used in multiple styles. Our Japanese fabric suppliers have their own wastewater treatment facility on-site to ensure the process is as gentle on the Earth as possible. All of the water from the dyeing process is treated before leaving the facility, reducing the carbon footprint of our products.