How to Style a Long-Sleeve Turtleneck Bodysuit

Discourse NYC The Sophia Bodysuit - An Ethical Turtleneck Bodysuit with Snaps

How to Wear A Turtleneck Bodysuit

The Sophia bodysuit is by far one of my favorites of our capsule collection - finally a turtleneck bodysuit with snaps. Since it's a form fitting bodysuit, you can wear it under absolutely everything. The Sophia was designed out of my frustration with styling turtleneck tops with pants and having to deal with the top bunching up in an unflattering way. I wanted to find a solution, so I created the Sophia Bodysuit: a turtleneck bodysuit with snaps that makes it easy to pee and won't bunch up.

Discourse NYC The Sophia Bodysuit - An Ethical Turtleneck Bodysuit with Snaps

What does an ethical bodysuit mean, anyways?

We call the Sophia an ethical bodysuit because we produce our clothing in limited runs in New York City by workers paid a living wage. The idea behind creating a simple turtleneck bodysuit was to have an ethically made staple that you build a capsule closet or minimalist wardrobe around, so we decided on making the bodysuit in two colorways: black and red. We wanted to create a red bodysuit and a black bodysuit because those colors match almost everything in my wardrobe. Most often, I wear the red Sophia bodysuit under our rib knit navy Olivia sweater paired with jeans and boots. 

A closeup of the snaps on the Sophia turtleneck bodysuit

A bodysuit with snaps that make bathroom breaks a snap

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to bodysuits is that they can be so unwieldy to take on and off when you're on the go. That's why we made the Sophia with snap closures at the bottom that work perfectly - the result is a bodysuit that makes it easy to pee with no need to strip down. This bodysuit is an effortlessly versatile addition to your capsule collection and can be worn in any season, and for any occasion.