What is a Sheath Dress?

Woman in sheath dress

What is a sheath dress?

To put it simply, a sheath dress is a fitted dress with a straight silhouette that features vertical french seams running from the skirt through the bodice. As with most dress cuts, there isn't a hard and fast rule as to what defines a sheath dress, but they are typically about knee-length and feature a tank-top or short sleeves. In short, sheath dresses are perfect for fall and winter!

Woman wearing red sheath dress

Sheath Dresses are Versatile

You might notice a sheath dress on the red carpet, or at a picnic, because it's one of the most versatile dresses around. The sleek silhouette is perfect for designers (like us!) to add their own flourishes and flare to. The dress above is on the more casual side, and on the other end of the spectrum women like Michelle Obama and Audrey Hepburn have worn sheath dresses in iconic pictures.

Brunch cocktail on table

Sheath dresses are perfect for brunch

How to Wear a Sheath Dress

You really can't go wrong when you wear a sheath dress, but here are a few ideas on how to wear one:

  • At the office: Wearing a blazer over your sheath dress is a great way to introduce a sense of style to your day job. The added layer can help keep you warm in often-chilly offices, and can add a flare of professionalism to your look. Make sure you know how casual or formal your office is to avoid a faux pas!
  • Out to drinks: This is where the sheath dress really shines.  Put on your favorite lipstick, grab your go-to accessories, and the night is yours. If you'd like to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn, add in some pearls or diamonds.
  • Out to brunch: We'd recommend our more understated denim sheath dress with some wedges or flats if you have big plans afterwards. Throw on and take off earrings as necessary to dress yourself up or down depending on where you find yourself after brunch in this timeless staple piece.