What is a Skater Dress?

Striped Skater Dress | Discourse NYC

So what is a skater dress?

A skater dress is a dress above the knees that has a fitted waist with an A-line skirt. In other words, incredibly flattering! The name is borrowed from the outfits that figure skaters wear (hence "skater dress"). Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with skateboarding! Our striped skater dress pairs perfectly with a long jacket. The elbow length sleeve makes it perfect for every season.


Black skater dress | Discourse NYC

Skater Dresses are Flattering

The fitted waist combined with the A-line skirt gives off an hour glass shape to the skater dress. A black skater dress is even more slimming and provides a classic look.
White Skater Dress | Wedding Dress 2019 | Discourse NYC

Knee Length Skater Dresses

Sometimes skater dresses can be shorter, which typically creates a younger look meant for girls. However, we carefully design our dresses to be comfortable for women. Our white skater dress hits the knee and makes a perfect dress for a beautiful summer day or for a bride to wear on many occasions.
Spaghetti Strap Gold Skater Dress | Discourse NYC

Skater Dresses are Versatile

Most importantly, skater dresses can be worn on a variety of occasions by simply changing out accessories. Adding a blazer to our gold skater dress will make it appropriate for the office, and easy to take off for happy hour.