Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion

Discourse NYC: Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion

Slow fashion is a commitment to designing and creating ethical and sustainable clothing meant to last. The opposite of fast fashion, which aims to introduce as much clothing into the ecosystem as possible.

Slow Fashion can make a difference

Ethical Factories. Sustainable Fabrics. Exceptional Quality.



The conversation around the fashion industry needs to be updated.  That's why we started Discourse - and chose the name Discourse - because the right choice should be easier than it is right now. Slow fashion needs more advocates, and we're happy to sign on to help: in the current fashion climate of slow fashion vs fast fashion, slow fashion needs all of the allies it can get. We're upping the ante when it comes to high quality women's clothing.

Is Slow Fashion Higher Quality?

Of course slow fashion is higher quality - as long as the brand is transparent about where the clothes actually came from. We try to avoid trends here at Discourse, which is why we release capsule collections that will stay in your closet for years to come.  We source the finest quality materials and factories for our slow fashion products, like our ethical bodysuit, banshu-ori cotton pants, or 100% organic cotton tee shirts.


A display of ethical and sustainable clothing

New York City-made clothing

Ethical Factories Making Ethical Clothes

We're committed to keeping our clothes made in America.  Overseas factories are notoriously tough to vet for ethics violations, so we've built strong relationships with American companies paying workers a living wage. Right now, all of our clothes are made in New York City.

Ethical Fashion

Sweatshop Free: Everything is made locally in New York City, where our artisans are paid fair wages for the highest quality work.

Sustainable Clothes for Women

We use sustainable fabrics and limit production to help eliminate waste. Our competitors produce substantial pollution and waste.

Free Shipping

Discourse is a conversation and a commitment to the slow fashion movement. We offer free shipping (U.S. only) and returns so you can take part risk-free.